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Libra New Moon -- Thursday October 19

This is one of the more interesting New Moons of the year! Here we are, having been in Libra for weeks, and right now, at this moment, we find this Sun and Moon exactly opposite Uranus, at 26 degrees Aries, and that is bringing about a real opportunity to look at what may have been lying dormant, yet unresolved for you till now! We may feel as if we are being given many opportunities to look head on into our own psyche, seeing what needs to be really addressed and both forgiven and released. We are in a cycle that is almost daily inviting us to look at things that need looked at, and then we step back up, into our lives, freed of the old wounds and taunts, and instead we have a more committed trust in ourselves, newly whole, in a very different light. This is where we come into an awareness of plans and goals that may have been either put aside, or, never even picked up in the first place. This is more than just a new cycle, this is a true paradigm shift, fully and completely. Come, join me in a new unknown, where Libra's ruling planet Venus, just newly in Libra, will spend the next few weeks here, creating that harmony and connection that these two do so well. Be in that place, and know you can come back here, again and again to re-align as we move through this cycle.

From MoonWays:

With this Libra New Moon we have an interesting shift of energies. We start with Mars in the very last degrees of Virgo, Venus in the early degrees of Libra, and Vesta in the mid-degrees. Then the Sun and Moon are both at 26 degrees Libra, and these two are conjunct Jupiter and Mars, both newly in Scorpio. Mars, Venus, Sun, Moon and Mercury are all very fast moving planets, and so, even though we are now mostly influenced by Libra, we are very much "seeing" things in a whole new light. You may be finding yourself wondering about where is your "focus" coming from? It may feel a bit different, particularly with Jupiter, just newly in Scorpio for this next year, after spending a wonderful year in Libra, almost day-dreaming about that bigger picture, we are going to be having a real sense of stepping onto the path of transformation through Jupiter in Scorpio, and with a sense of confidence that we've never been as clear about as we are at this moment. This to me is a very clear definition of process. "A very defined experience through energies that show you who you are at this moment."

Libra is asking you to use these fast-moving planets to take the cosmic ride across the sky, and be inspired. This couldn't be a better time or place to just take flight!

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