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I have a very strong sense that no matter how complicated our collective lives have been this past year, we all are ready for a bit of a shift and change, no matter how or where it might come from! Today is a Super New Moon in Capricorn, that's good enough for now! Since the symbol for Capricorn is the mountain goat, traversing the craggy side of a mountain, and a cardinal earth sign, there really is a sense of us collectively stepping up in our own lives with a commitment to see ourselves in the light of being stronger, more capable, and confident in what our own, personal future has to offer! We are also experiencing trines from Uranus to the new moon, and Mercury, in Aquarius to the North Node in Gemini, encouraging us to think in a more expanded way, in order to make real, concrete changes where needed in our lives. It is also quite naturally a time for those customary yearly resolutions to really have some sincere commitment around them, and you begin your conversations with some version of "I've been thinking about _______, and I want to really pursue the details of that this year!" WHATEVER IT IS! Start with the old, reliable, Underwater Basket Weaving! I don't care, just expand what you're focusing on, and also, stop talking about what doesn't serve you, particularly if it's counterproductive! Books and movies, keep it neutral and mundane here in this cycle!

Another serious subject, along with Mercury being retrograde in Aquarius on the 14th, is Venus being retrograde, in close proximity to Pluto, both in Capricorn, bringing about a true re-evaluation of your relationships with everybody! Even your casual relationships in life must be understood and evaluated in order for you to be clear about who and what you value in life, and of course: "How's that working for you?" There's lots for you to think about here, and lot's to understand about the times we're in, and the choices we're making, but above all, as a collective, we are obviously in a very important planetary shift, the key being Planetary, with us owing the planet a huge "I'm so sorry" and again a plan to assist in the saving of this planet for those children of seven generations from now!

Aega is a pre-Hellenic goddess from the region that later became Greece. Her title is Daughter of the Sun. In some stories, Aega took the form of a goat. The Aegis is also a word for "goatskin." The Aegis was a symbol of great power and was formerly worn by priestesses of Athena, before Zeus took possession of it. Aega also appeared as a concealing storm cloud that surrounded Zeus's famous thunderbolt. Later she was placed in the sky as Capella, the Little She Goat.

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