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Leo Solar Eclipse -- Saturday August 11

I hardly know where to start! I feel as if we should all be raising our hands to be called on the share what we did this Summer!! These three eclipses, the Cancer Solar a month ago, the Aquarius Lunar two weeks ago, and now this Leo Solar! My, oh, my, the adventures we've had, whether you know it yet or not, you have been impacted. Now, we are truly opening, with the continuing influences of this second Leo Solar Eclipse, having had the powerful experience of the one last summer, which transited the U.S. and gave us all a wake-up call to step up into our own possible future! That endeavor continues, and with it we continue to open, reframe, and accelerate the process of our own, personal becoming.

I am including some of the writeup of Stephanie Austin, as she gives a very clear summation of the whole energetic experience we are having, particularly that we are in a cycle of six retrograde planets! Not the usual at all. She includes a quote from Owen Waters that sums up the whole of this adventure!

From Stephanie Austin:

"You were born for a reason. You are unique. No one has seen through your eyes, felt through your fingertips, lived in your skin. Ruled by the Sun itself, Leo summons each of us to shine our light, our singular spark of the Divine; to live from our essence rather than from our ego or programmed personality. How do we know when we are doing that? The degree of joy or strain tells us whether we are on our spiritual path -- or bushwhacking. If life is largely effort and struggle, we've lost the trail. If we're watching the clock more than feeling in the flow or "The Zone," we've gotten off track. If we're following our fears rather than our heart, we're ready for a big course correction."

"Pluto at 19 degrees Capricorn closely quincunxes the Sun and Moon, advising us that, whenever we are unable to move forward, we have to look at what's holding us back; our old wounds, fears, and beliefs. As the mythic god of the Underworld, Pluto represents the power of the unconscious, and the transformation which occurs when we are able to go into the dark -- to face our shadow, heal our heart, and own our power. Venus, the planet most associated with love and beauty, closely semisquares this eclipse, and forms a T-square with Chiron and Saturn, accenting the importance of loving our self and clarifying our priorities. Matt Kahn's books Whatever Arises, Love That, and Everything is Here to Help You, as well as his many videos on YouTube, are filled with empowering insights on how to love yourself unconditionally."

"Mercury plays a central role in this eclipse, inviting us to see ourselves, our creativity, and our path in a new light, as it conjuncts the Sun and the Moon, squares Jupiter, and is close to ending its second retrograde passage of 2018. The mythic messenger of the gods reminds us that, even more important than what happened to us, is what we make of it; the meanings we attribute, the stories we tell, and the beliefs we form can either expand or shrink our view of the world and our options. While retrograde in Leo, Mercury advises us to think more with our heart; that our intuition has access to divine intelligence, and comprehends things far beyond the grasp of linear, logical reasoning."

"This solar eclipse, and this time in human history, calls us to remember who we really are. "Sooner or later every man and woman wakes up to the fact that they are divine beings... Long ago, you inserted yourself into the human experience...The experience of being physical was so fascinating that, like youngsters excited about a new thrill ride at a fun fair, we said, "How about if we try it with the lights out?" And, so, the lights went out...Within this mysterious maze of the thrill ride of being human with the inner lights turned off, there is a treasure to be found. That treasure is the realization that the light was there all the time, yet hidden from sight. When you first find the spiritual light within, it begins to beckon you forward into the realms of more light. Then, you are firmly on the path of spiritual discovery. You are heading back along the pathway to the level of consciousness from which you came before the thrill ride began. Remember, your brain is not your mind and your mind is not your real personality. Your immortal soul is your real personality and it is functioning through the filter of who you became in this particular lifetime. Attune yourself with your soul consciousness every day and you will always be able make the right choices in life." --Owen Water"


I know this is a more extensive writeup than usual, however, I hope you will revisit it from time to time as these months go by. We have a Leo Lunar eclipse the end of next January, so that means we will be evaluating our progress through this cycle, and on into the Cancer Solar eclipse of next summer. We are stepping into a very expanded future, with many new experiences being offered. Stay open!!!

Nancy Miller Ogren

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