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Capricorn Full Moon -- Thursday June 24

This is one of those less smooth Full Moons! We have the moon in Capricorn here, opposite the Sun in Cancer, the true ruler sign of the Moon. What we are looking for is coming into balance, which is assisted by Mercury stationing direct on the 22nd, and we have Neptune stationing retrograde on the 25th, staying retrograde till December 1st, which is asking that we look deeply at our spiritual values, and move them front and center in our life in these months to come. Capricorn is all about our value systems. At this point in time, the balance and harmony around our goals and plans for the months to come are so important. We are collectively stepping into an unknown future, we are expanding as we go along, we are fine-tuning our own lives. What means the most to you. Rather than running headlong into your future, take a moment here, and ask what really matters to you, where is that bliss going to be in your life?

We're experiencing a time of real chaos, but for ourselves, personally, let's get clear about our own truths and priorities, and then live those truths with passion and commitment!

From Stephanie Austin:

Cancer represents the creation matrix, the cosmic womb from which all form is birthed. The word "matter" comes from the Sanskrit root mat, meaning "mother." Cancer reminds us of the importance of honoring matter as mother, that all aspects of the material world are sacred, including our physical body and the Earth. As a water sign, Cancer immerses us in the complexities of feelings and needs, kinship and belonging, nourishment and growth. Capricorn, an earth sign, compels us to master the constraints of physical reality and tests of personal power. When integrated, Cancer's emotional intelligence and Capricorn's savvy maturity allow us to be sensitive to both inner and outer realities, honoring our needs and embodying our soul's destiny.


The Etruscan goddess Tesana joins us for this Full Moon, as she represents light, hope, opportunities, and restoration, which the illuminations from this full moon can bring. Light a candle to bring in the hope and opportunities you are affirming in your celebration.

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