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Scorpio New Moon -- Sunday-MondayOctober 27-28

Heaven knows how intense this cycle is and will be! The main news here, besides we are all knee deep in the intensity of Scorpio, is: Mercury stations retrograde on October 31 at 28 degrees Scorpio, being retrograde till November 20th, when it stations direct. The key here is: Because of all of this, Mercury is in Scorpio from October 3 to December 9th. Usually this transit is about three weeks. So, know that you will be experiencing a great deal of ongoing intensity around almost all of your interactions and communications for these coming weeks! Carrying on with this theme, Uranus, the higher octave of Mercury, currently in Taurus, and opposite this New Moon, is asking that we use this time to shift our consciousness around our self-esteem, our financial ease, and our innate sense of security. Not asking much, really! There must be a new sense of true flow, there is no lack or limits. Just release that concept, and agree to knowing you have plenty, you're a wonderful person, and all is well in your life. Just say that every morning for the next month or so, now see how the universe responds to your affirmations!

Mere-Ama is a Finnish water goddess. The Egyptians worshiped a goddess named Mera, which means "waters". She also oversees all the water-dwelling creatures. There is much magic here, these energies will also bring the fairies and angels into your ceremonial circles! Of course, the unicorns as well!

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