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Capricorn Solar Eclipse -- Saturday - Sunday January 5 - 6

I'm starting this writeup on the 1st of January. I feel strongly that we all need to be very aware of the power of focus 2019 is offering us. This New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Capricorn is asking all of us to step onto a path of personal clarity and stability that many of us may not have been completely aligned with but may now come to know well. We will be experiencing one of the strongest traits of Capricorn; "The Long Game!" So right here, at this moment, take a deep, deep breath. Plan to integrate these deep breaths into your daily life, you'll need them! We will be having a second Capricorn Solar Eclipse/New Moon on December 26th, 2019, closing this year out. Since the energies of a Solar Eclipse last a whole year, we will be continuing our own developments of stepping into a more defined, cohesive foundation, sustained by our evolving personal maturity and confidence in what tools that maturity will be bringing us. Two of the planets involved in this eclipse besides the Sun and Moon are Saturn and Pluto, also in Capricorn. This combination is creating quite the vortex of possibilities. Lifetimes of shift are being offered here. Particularly, with the two Capricorn Solar Eclipses, we will be spending the next two years releasing all old programs through the eclipses. The energy grids will be opened, rewritten, and rebooted. As you will notice, many new archetypes will be presenting themselves, through many new dimensions and frameworks. This truly is the future we've been waiting for!!! All we need to do is stay fluid!!

Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign, is symbolized by a mountain goat. Another symbol is the goat-fish. This is an ancient interpretation, based on Sumerian history. So, another gift with this Eclipse is that we have a Grand Trine in water signs. We have the North Node in Cancer, trine Ceres and Venus in Scorpio, trine Astraea and Chiron, in Pisces. Also, in that trine, we have Hygeia and Mars, both just in Aries. This dynamic gives us so much healing and forgiving energy to access. The north node alone will offer compassion and acceptance of how we can better make our needed shifts into those maturity energies being offered!

Some years ago, I was at a workshop where I got a mini-reading from the man conducting the workshop. The very first thing he said was "You are very powerful!" I burst into tears! That's what this coming year feels like! So, give it a bit of a cry, and then let's get busy!!!

Jord is a Norse goddess who is believed to have mated with the sky, bringing heaven to earth. Jord is the word for earth in the old Norse language, and since she was also considered a giantess, she brings a great deal of strength and endurance to this planet. She is said to have also given birth to thunder, lightning, and the rain that follows, making all life on earth possible!

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