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Cancer Full Moon -- Monday --Tuesday January 1-2

Happy New Year! With this Cancer Full Moon we are more than anything else, celebrating the return of the Great Mother energy to the Earth! This has been accomplished more by the fixed star Regulus moving into Virgo, after having spent the last 2,160 years in Leo. Regulus is the brightest star in the constellation of Leo, but as we progress, so do the fixed stars! And, I believe that these last months have shown us all that with Regulus now in Virgo, at 0 degrees for the next 70 years, we can count on stepping up as women into the dynamic of equality as a reality, no longer just a hope!

This Cancer Full Moon is here to anchor how you will be framing your goals for the coming year. Two weeks from now you will be anchoring these Affirmations with the Intentions you will create at the Capricorn New Moon. What this Full Moon so strongly asks is for you to dedicate this whole year to who and how you will be creating the reality that brings you the most joy and sense of moving forward with your plans for the coming year. I would like to see each of you pick a goddess of the week for this coming year. It took me a long time to get used to goddesses, but obviously, over the last ten years, I've come to get to know quite a few!! Now, I would like all of us to focus on that Sacred Feminine energy that will continue to serve us for the next 2,160 years, with Regulus in Virgo. The ultimate Great Mother energy! Appreciate this is no fluke! Nor a flash in the pan! This is the universe, stepping up with the next cycle, and showing us the way to trust taking our own GIANT steps into the future.

We are beginning this year with this water sign Cancer Full Moon, opposite the Sun in the earth sign Capricorn! This is so much more of a continuing across the threshold energy, rather than a wrap-up. A sign of flow is Uranus stations direct today, in Aries, after having been retrograde since last August. More importantly, no planets are retrograde until early March when first Jupiter, and then Mercury will be retrograde. This is really a cycle of forward motion, with a sense of personal well-being. Much of the energies you've put into the last year are bringing a new trust in yourself and your individual path into the higher realms of spiritual awareness.

This wonderful Full Moon is trine Neptune, in Pisces, which also brings the sense of wonder and magic to the celebration. Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio are also part of a Grand Trine, very positively aspecting both the Sun and Moon, bringing out the pioneer of the Capricorn Sun. This is allowing a real true, concrete opportunity to set about taking your steps into the manifesting of your lifelong dreams and plans. Know that you are in perfect alignment to continue bringing into your own life all that is possible, from now on. Venus, the Sun and Pluto are all conjunct in Capricorn, which brings a real sense of a commitment to your future, with the Cancer Moon's blessing. This is a very positive thing to do!

The goddess Gamelia is the one I chose for this moon. The bonus goddess is: Nu Wa, called the Lady Dragon, as she is a Chinese creation goddess. From Julie Loars' Goddesses for Everyday, is the contemplation: I work consciously with the raw material of my life, sculpting something beautiful. Let that be true for all of us for this coming year. It's your life, be at the front and center of it, every day! Nancy Miller Ogren

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