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GEMINI NEW MOON - Saturday JUNE 17-18, 2023

This is one of the "ready or not, here I come," moons! We have the Sun and Moon at 26 degrees Gemini, both conjunct the goddess Juno, who happens to rule commitments and relationships! We also have Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, at 11 degrees. We also have a number of squares, where it turns out there are questions about all of your interactions at this moment in time! Since the symbol for Gemini is the twins, we are also experiencing multiple dualities from many areas of our lives! Part of that is due to having the Summer Solstice, which is the Sun at 00 degrees Cancer, only four days after this New Moon. We have spent the last 27 days basically wrestling with all of our relationship interactions, and now here we are, maybe clear about some things in life, but certainly not everything, and, to top it off, Gemini also rules communications! We also have the North and South Nodes changing signs in July, they have been in Taurus and Scorpio for a while, they are now moving into Aries and Libra! More conversations coming across that rainbow bridge that Gemini has to offer! And, Libra, who is also an air sign, but cardinal, not mutable, which means you will be revisiting all that didn't happen, will be discussed "later," no worries about that! So, calm down for the moment, enjoy these highly charged days, and along with that, we have Sedna, a heavenly body with an orbit over 11,000 miles, moving from Taurus into Gemini, for her first trip, since being discovered in 2003, she will be bringing a very expanded view of the sacred feminine. She is named for the Inuit goddess of the oceans. We will be seeing that feminine emerge more and more. In November she retrogrades back into Taurus, then moves into Gemini on April 28, 2024, till 2065!

Here we greet Eurynome, who is a Titan goddess, possibly one of the first. The Titans preceded the Greek Olympians. From Titan legend, Eurynome, in the beginning, rose from chaos, naked. She began twirling a dance that separated the sea from the sky, and darkness from light. She brought order out of chaos, and her spinning created the earth and the stars. Later she transformed herself into a dove, who laid the cosmic egg that brought forth all things. She is truly the original eternal mother. We all come from her womb!

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