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Fwd: Virgo Full Moon -- Thursday March 1

We start feeling the energies of this Virgo Full Moon as the moon enters Virgo at 00 degree hours earlier on the 1st, just after midnight. The reason for this is the monumental event that I have spoken of, and will continue to point out, possibly ad nauseum!! The Fixed Star Regulus has been in the constellation of Leo, as the brightest star in that constellation for the last 2,160 years. It just moved into Virgo, at 00 degree, and will be there for the next 70 years. This is a huge shift. And has a lot to do with the changes we are seeing in the societies across the globe! Women. Equal. It will only get more evident as times shift and change. This is not short-lived. This is permanent and definitely the future. Particularly with the Aquarius Solar Eclipse of two weeks ago. This isn’t about dominance, this is concrete New Beginnings. For everyone. It’s not easy to move a foundation, but we are leaving the last vestiges of Pisces, and the male-influenced religious dogma of the last 2000 years. We are creating our alignments collectively, as men, women, equal, in partnership, and choosing how we all connect with the source energies of the universe. You may find that others may struggle with where you seem to be headed at the moment! Embrace them with empathy, love, acceptance and most of all, patience. We will all need it.

We find this Earthy Moon trine Saturn in Capricorn, and Pallas Athena in Taurus, which are all there to help us step up firmly and use this alignment to set forth on a directed, viablefuture path.

There may be moments in the days to come where you may want and need to be RIGHT. Just let it go. Breathe, smile, hug yourself! And, be quiet.

From the MoonWays Guide:

This is a breath of fresh air, (or earth, to be specific)! We've got this gentle earth sign Virgo Full Moon, as a singleton planet out here on this side of the sky! At 11 degrees Pisces, the Sun is conjunct its own degrees of last year's eclipse. Where have you journeyed since last year? Both internally, and, externally what shifts did you integrate into your own life? Virgo wants to know that you kept track of the journey! Do you recognize what must, must, must be re-framed to give yourself a new sense of your own, expanded and assured spiritual self? Again, here is where you are building trust in your ability to be whole and confident in your own life!

Remember that the Constellation of Virgo consists of many stars, and they are also activated during a time like this. As you may recall, we had a Leo Lunar Eclipse Full Moon just a month ago, also at 11degrees. We are bringing in more and more of a follow-up to the steps to be taken over the months to come to address the shifts and changes that must transpire as we progress on our path to a more individualized and clarified self.

We will be starting with Jupiter moving retrograde on March 8, which we are already experiencing, and will not station direct until July 10th! Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, is now in Scorpio until this coming November. This will be a tricky time, with the possibility of further power struggles. Spend your time using this Virgo Full Moon energy to focus on your reality, that's the important piece. Jupiter will be pointing you towards many new directions for your own spiritual progress.

Bona Dea is a Roman goddess whose name means "good goddess." She always offers both wisdom, and any healing that may need to take place. Now would be a good time to ask for some wise and knowledgeable guidance. The wisdom of the ages is available here!

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