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Virgo New Moon -- Sunday September 9, 2018

As you prepare to set your Intentions for this New Moon, know that we are all looking at both the moment, and the future simultaneously, understanding that your personal body, mind, spirit connection is of vital importance at this juncture! As this is also mid-harvest, what are you preparing to gestate through the winter, in order to bring it forth come next spring!

I know this has been a very intense and complicated cycle, for almost everyone, but the shifts we are experiencing will be worth the effort, trust me.

While the Sun has been in Virgo almost three weeks, the Moon just joined her a few hours ago. As she moved into Virgo, she was conjunct both Pallas and Mercury, very newly in Virgo as well. We also continue to have multiple Grand Trines, known as the Star of David. Even though Pallas, or Pallas-Athena, is as a powerful warrior, she is also renowned for her wisdom which we are accessing here. In these weeks ahead, use these energies to anchor as much as you can around what you intend to manifest in the months to come. Ideas, projects, masterpieces, all belong here for you to allow the emergence.

We also find Astraea, retrograde back into Pisces, conjunct Chiron and Hygeia both retro as well, but still newly in Aries, all looking at what gifts can they all share as you continue in your quest for a total alliance with forgiveness. This includes an understanding of what active steps you must take to establish this as your new foundation of living. You might want to write CLARITY on your bathroom mirror, as it's the most important quality to pursue right now. And, always TRUST, of course!

We invite Malkuth, the Goddess of the Tenth Sephirah in the Cabalistic Tree of Life. She is here to remind us of the need for positive actions, not just good thoughts and lofty words, to bring about change.

Nancy Miller Ogren

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