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Pisces New Moon March 10, 2024 SUNDAY

With this water sign New Moon, we are entering a quite intense and hugely life-altering cycle. In a few days, (March 17), the Sun will conjunct Neptune at 28 degrees Pisces, which also brings us into a flow from our right-brain, through our intuition, the Dragons, and Unicorns, we will spend both this weekend and the next several days in our own sacred spaces, willingly noting the magic all around us. Bring out as many crystals, Runes, Tarot cards, Oracle cards and whatever is your sacred anchors, and surround yourself with these energies. Pisces helps align us with the powers of our thoughts, our intentions, which we will refocus on, and through prayers and meditations, this is the time to know we are preparing for a cosmic journey with the rapidly advancing Spring Equinox, arriving at 00 degrees Aries March 19th! This is also considered the beginning of the Astrological year. We are also experiencing the conjunct between Jupiter and Uranus at 12 degrees and 19 degrees Taurus! Between now and the 19th, we are all going through so much releasing of the past, they will be in an exact conjunction at 22 degrees Taurus on April 20th! Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus is rather rare, and we all must be open to how different our whole picture is going to be! Try to stay in your own light, knowing that you are the midwife of your own future! Get ready to push!!!

The Roman goddess Bona Dea's name literally means "good goddess." There is a goodness here, a kindness being offered in the name of feminine energies and an exchange of support for each other's gifts and talents. Reach out to the women in your life today with love and blessings for all.

Nancy Miller Ogren

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